Textmesh pro Language Fonts for Unity Game Engine

At first, I tried so hard to find suitable fonts for languages other than English. For example, I tried to localize my game for other countries, I needed to change the texts (titles) in the game. For normal text, we don't need any other fonts to show the other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian and more. When I tried to do the same thing with textmesh pro text, it gave me blocks. So, I tried to find a solution, and I found it.

I am giving some language fonts to work with your textmesh pro text. Import it to the project, and create a font asset using font asset creator in unity. While creating the asset add the text/characters you need in your game to custom characters section before generating the font atlas. Remember, you need to add the same language characters to the font. for example, Chinese characters/text to the Chinese font.

Download the font assets from below and Enjoy...
If you have any problems with unity, Let me know...

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